Corlan Vineyard Wins Gold in Germany!

by Peter Karsten

The smallest organic vineyard around has done it again!

After winning Silver in New York State last year Pat Jones of Corlan Vineyard has won Gold in Germany with her Sandy Island White blend of Ortega and Siegerrebe and Gold with the Chrome Island Red – Maréchal Foch grapes.

This time Pat submitted wines to the big league in Europe. Germany stages the “International Biowine Prize” and uses a sophisticated PAR evaluation system of judging. It is known as the most crucial quality contest of organically grown wines. The tests are done as blind tests.  Each wine is individually evaluated by a jury that consists of “PAR certified Masters” working in groups of three. The method produces reproducible results to eliminate subjectivity.

The evaluation has 24 parameters judged under Analysis – intensity assessment and Ranking – quality assessment, Stylistic and Exaltation. Total points are calculated to 100. Wines under 55 points are not awarded. The submitting winery receives detailed evaluation results plotted on a graph were each parameter is given points.I like the category Exaltation meaning: elevation of happiness and importance. Corlan’s Maréchal Foch (Chrome Island Red) got 10 out of 10 in that category!

I like the category Exaltation meaning: elevation of happiness and importance. Corlan’s Maréchal Foch got 10 out of ten in that category! Just what we needed at COVID19 times.

The Ortega /Siegerrebe got high marks for intensity of flavour and Length-finish. The Germans call it “Schwaenzchen” (little tail) indicating that the flavour pleases the pallet for an extended long time.

To earn a Gold medal the wine must reach over 90 points. Gold-winning wines are described as: “First class wines, internationally outstanding, which belong to the most impressive of their kind. A distinct and substantial concentration of senso-active substances, absolutely pure colour tone and distinctive characteristics are present.” 

The red Chrome Island Maréchal Foch 2017 got 95 points and the Sandy Island Ortega/Siegerebe 2018 fetched 91 points.

Let us raise our glasses to Pat and Selwyn Jones of Corlan Vineyard!

Find Corlan Vineyard’s award-winning To Ewe wines at the Denman Island Farmers’ Market, the Qualicum Farmers’ Market, at our Vineyard on Denman Island, or contact us to order by the case (mixed cases are fine!) Contact Corlan Vineyard

Learn more about To Ewe wines made with organically grown grapes

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