To Ewe Wines

100% Organic Fruit. To Ewe wines are made from Corlan Vineyard’s estate-grown certified 100% organic grapes and blackberries.

No Sulphites. Corlan Vineyard advise enjoying all but the Blackberry within 36 hours of opening as they do not add sulphites during racking and bottling.

Two Ewe wines are made in small batches for ultimate aging and mellowing (they only produce about 500 cases per year) and the Reds are aged in natural oak barrels for better mellowing.

Vegan. Some wineries use non-vegan filtering or clearing practices. Corlan Vineyard cold-stabilizes its white wines and uses racking as their clearing tool.

Sustainable Practices. Corlan Vineyard purposely do not irrigate their vines and use sheep to graze the weeds between the rows.

“We don’t irrigate so we get the fruit smaller,” says Pat. “We don’t get the tonnage that we could get if we had larger fruit but we think we get more flavour.”

“No water because that just dilutes the fruit,” says Selwyn. “So it’s very concentrated and when you taste the Marechal Foch yourself you’ll find that it’s a very heavy bodied, full-bodied wine and you know it’s a damned good wine.”

READ about Corlan Vineyard’s Silver Medal winning wines

The Wine List

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Sandy Island White
From the estate’s Ortega grapevines, a cross between Muller-Thurgau and Siegerrebe,to make a crisp, aromatic wine with citrus overtones, perfect for summer sipping.

Gold Medal winner, International Biowine Prize.

An aromatic summer wine.
The Vintner’s favourite! Limited quantities.
(We’ve planted another 1/2 acre of this vine!)


Chrome Island Red
Made from organically grown Marechal Foch grapes,
a French-American hybrid, this red grape ripens dependably in the Denman Island climate and produces an
inky red wine aged in neutral barrels.

Gold Medal winner, International Biowine Prize.

Silver Medal winner, Finger Lake International Wine Competition.


A combination of Corlan Vineyard’s own thornless and Denman wild blackberries achieves a high alcohol content with no fortification. It takes a year to finish fermenting, so is released in limited quantities.

2018 in Limited quantities.

Our Blackberry Dessert 2017 vintage won a Silver Medal
at an International Wine Competition in Rochester New York!


Inspired and made by two of our employees, we’re excited to release this new Raspberry Dessert wine.

Our Raspberry Dessert wine is among our Gold Medal winners!

Customer Comments

“This place is a must go for anyone staying on Denman island. There is wine tasting on the farm, and all the wines we tried were delicious! The blackberry wine was our favorite, though – we couldn’t leave without a bottle, I highly recommend trying it!
Pat was extremely friendly, it was such a pleasure to communicate with her. We had a wonderful time sitting in her garden with wine and snacks. If we ever visit Denman again, we’ll definitely return here.”  ~ Sofia P. August 2018

“Their 2015 Sandy Island White is outstanding! Try it with some locally caught seafood for an extra treat. The is an aromatic, medium bodied wine with a gentle finish that doesn’t disappoint!”  ~ Madsen L. July 2018

“LOVE the red! Very bold, very affordable for organic and sulfide free!!” ~ Stormy S. July 2018

Where to Buy To Ewe Wines from Corlan Vineyard.

Corlan Vineyard Gift Certificates available in the Tasting Room or online.

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